President Obama finally coming out of the closet on his gay couples stance, saying he was in support of same-sex marriage

The decision by the Durango City Council to allow the mural on the Everyday Gas Station to stay up another two months

Durango making strides in bicycle infrastructure and improvements and becoming one of only a handful of communities to be awarded Gold Bicycle Friendly status by the League of American Bicyclists

Disturbing signs that the bailed-out Wall Street is up to its old tricks, with JP Morgan Chase losing $2 billion in investments over six weeks due to a risky hedge bet

Durango’s first human-related bear fatality of the season, a cinnamon-colored male that had to be put down after becoming trained on residents’ trash and other human food sources

The alarming rise in rates of autism, which is now estimated to affect one in every 85 kids in Colorado, and the possibility of an environmental link