World Book Night putting 780 books into the hands of Durangoans, everywhere from the skate park to El Rancho to the county jail

The National Weather Service declaring an official end to the latest La Niña, bringing a ray of hope and relief to parts of Colorado and several southern states, which have endured two years of extreme drought

Signs pointing toward an FDA approval of the first AIDs prevention drug, which would safeguard against contracting HIV

Tuesday night’s death of Colorado’s Civil Unions bill in the House, when time ran out on the session due to stall tactics and a 2-hour late-night recess by Republicans in opposition

Newly (re)elected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent saber-rattling over U.S. missile defense systems in Europe harkening back to shades of the Cold War

The Ignacio School District dropping the ball on the background check for suspended High School Principal Gary Witherspoon, who was later found to have a lengthy criminal record