The recent deluge of child chain-gang magazine crews descending on Durango, interrupting local’s evenings at home and scamming them out of their hard-earned money

This Thursday’s closing of the Chapman Ski Hill, marking an end to  a stellar and action-packed season despite some less than cooperative weather

The recent time change leading to longer days and an evening commute while the sun is still up

The efforts of the Silverton community to save its historic newspaper, The Silverton Standard and Miner, gaining national notoriety on NBC’s “Today Show”

Caramel coloring, yet another in a long list of widely used food additives, coming under fire because it contains ammonia-sulfite, considered a carcinogen in the state of California

The La Plata County Board of Commissioners rejecting the long-awaited La Plata Climate and Energy Action Plan on grounds it was “too expensive,” leading to local political déjà vu all over again