Sen. Ellen Roberts not backing Senate Bill 15, which would offer in-state tuition for nonlegal state residents to the state’s public colleges, despite that FLC’s Board of Trustees supports it

Plastics recycling resuming at Durango’s Recycling Center and the city exploring options for singlestream recycling

The fallout over Rush Limbaugh’s sexist and hypocritical slur against a Georgetown University law student, with dozens of advertisers yanking their ads, forcing an on-air apology

The recent denial of a permit application for the so-called Million Pipeline, a $9 billion boondoggle that would have dewatered the Green and Colorado rivers and use 200,000 acre feet of water for private profit


Last week’s devastating and lethal rash of tornadoes, leaving 39 dead in its wake, including a toddler who was found in a field 10 miles from her home

The Colorado Supreme Court lifting a concealed weapons ban on college campuses this week, allowing students to pack heat in lecture hall