Keep the American dream alive
To the editor,
As another commemoration of this country’s birth is about to be celebrated, Americans cannot help but question if the dreams of our forefathers still exist. With the very Constitution of the United States of America being disregarded by the highest court in the land, the regulatory progress made in centuries past being dashed by the interests of the super-rich, and the election of all high-ranking politicians relegated to big-money interests, how can we celebrate?  

The American dream, very much a reality of the past, is now a vision of the destruction of the middle class and rampant predation of ordinary people by a system of money and corruption. As a retiree on Social Security, I wondered how I was able to get a zero-cost health plan that included far more benefits than the original Medicare. Mine happens to be through AARP. It includes drugs and many other perks that are not included in regular Medicare coverage. The answer is simple. Every taxpayer in the U.S. is paying for the huge profits of these second party Medicare administrators.

While companies like AARP can demand best pricing from drug companies, Medicare has declined to require lowest pricing contracts from providers, so these administrators can bill the government for many times the cost of a drug or a medical service. It is easy to see that the government allocates a budget for each retiree, and that the second party administrators are making a fortune from their service and pharmaceutical markups. It has been estimated that just a best-pricing policy on pharmaceuticals would save the American taxpayers over $500 billion per year. Yes, your eyes are fine. $500,000,000,000 in potential savings.

Even more frightening is the recent Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling that gives powerful PACs the right to furnish unlimited campaign funds without scrutiny, and to create and lobby for new laws in every state that favors their particular special interests. These PACs and other corporations have been afforded the same rights as individual Americans. Foreign corporations have been granted virtual immunity from U.S. law, and even they – because they own so much of the U.S. debt – can use the simple “one-dollar-one vote” system to decide virtually any election in our country.

If Americans are going to celebrate the Fourth of July in future years, here are two things that can ensure ours remains a great nation and world leader: 1) Election reform that effectively stops the buying of votes by big money interests; and 2) an efficient system that makes health care affordable to all of us, through the use of free-market pricing of health services and pharmaceuticals, and a rejection of insanely low quotas for those seeking to go to medical school.

The founding fathers had a dream, and what’s happening now was, remarkably, foreseen in the creation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. My grandparents were all first generation Americans, and they found that dream was alive and well. With our country’s basic precepts being flagrantly ignored, we have a great challenge to preserve the American dream for our children and generations to come.

Happy 4th of July. Let’s remember the reasons for which our country was born.

– Michael S. Robinson, Riverton, Utah

Get familiar with Affordable Care
To the editor,
Now that the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) has been ruled constitutional, knowledge of its provisions and potential impact has gained heightened importance.

Marguerite Salazar, regional director of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), will conduct an informative meeting about the Act on July 10, from 6 - 8 pm at the Durango Public Library. This event is open to the public and is cosponsored by the American Association of University Women, Durango Branch (AAUW); the League of Women Voters of La Plata County (LWVLPC); and the Citizens Health Advisory Council (CHAC).

Light refreshments will be served. More information is available at

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

– Marilyn Sandstrom, AAUW; Jill Patton, LWVLPC; and Jaynee Fontecchio, CHAC

Electromagnetism and health risks
To the editor,
What does breast cancer, autism, ADHD, sleep deprivation, immune suppression, sudden aspen decline, alzheimers, wildlife, global warming, sinusitis and impotence have to do with the WooWoo Revolution, Smart Meters, renewable energy, grid-tied solar and your power bill?

Plenty , but unless you read this, you won’t get it. Even then, you still might not.

I didn’t ... until a German physician trained as an electromagnetic field technician told me, “You don sleep and have heartburn from da fields. You ‘lectro sensitive.”

Ya, right. I was certain this EMF stuff was whacko WooWoo goo.

I’m a trained physicist (CU-Boulder). Even have course training in electro magnetic field theory. Still I didn’t get it. I also held a third class radio telephone4 operator’s license issued by the FCC (high school days, disc jockey). They screamed over and over, “Don’t get close to radio frequency transmission equipment.”

So why is La Plata Electric Association installing wireless Smart Meters (with not just one, but two cell transmitters in each) on every house in La Plata County when even San Miguel Power (Telluride/Ouray) and DMEA (Delta/Montrose) are smart enough to see the cover’s coming off the cover up of microwave toxification and now use the powerline-transmitting TWACS meter system instead (which ain’t safe, but better by far)?

My sojourn as an extreme (completely debilitated) electro hypersensitive goes back 20 years. If you don’t have this or aren’t around someone who does, you will be soon. I equate the pain to sitting in a dentist chair, refusing Novacaine and letting them drill 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the only understanding that it will get worse.

Whacko WooWoo guacamole? Sweden doesn’t think so, where it’s a legal disability. Norway doesn’t think so. Its prime minister has it, and it’s governmentally registered as an occupational hazard. Same for Spain, Canada and Columbia.

Several of the electron gurus who developed cell phones are living exactly like I do, as electrosensitive refugees, as far away from cell towers, Smart Meters, neighborhood wi fi and powerlines as they can get.

So what’s going on? Third generation of alternating power, that’s what. The integration of wireless microwave synthetic radiation onto the power grid (not just your Smart Meter, but even more destructive broadband over the powerline).

I didn’t willingly become a player in the international network of MD’s, PhD’s, politicians, EHS’s and activists dealing with the single most destructive technology man has ever invented. But unbelievable pain will do what reason and education will not.

There is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to synthetic microwave pulsed digital radiation (wi fi, cell phones, powerline broadband, baby monitors, etc.)

Not only have I never owned a cell phone, but for the past eight years – thanks to living in caves, literally – I’ve not owned a telephone either. Don’t tell me cell phones are necessary. I run an internationally connected research organization and talk to London, Columbia and Canada every trip to town. Bullshit.

Where this goes from here gets into what Thomas Edison said when Nikola Tesla invented alternating current and lit up Telluride: “AC will kill ya.” He was right. To learn more, check out:
- Dirty Electricity by Dr. Sam Milham, epidemiologist for New York and Washington State;
- The Body Electric and Cross Currents, by the Nobel-nominated Dr. Robert Becker, (Dean of New York Medical School).
- Dr. Magda Havas, touring lecturer on electrosensitization, Trent University/ Ontario ( Better yet, get her here to do a presentation;
- Blake Levitt, medical science journalist-consultant to the U.S. Senate on EMF
- Two DVDs, “Full Signal” and “Disconnect” (but not the one the telecom industry put out by the same name about some bimbo who contacts her dead mother on a cell phone).
- (international network for electrosensitives/london) (Canadian newsletter screening all emf research globally)
-, what it’s like to be abandoned by the culture you create and banished to the caves in Utah, by a woman who survived it;
- Barrie Trower and his 2010 interview in Germany in 2010. Few have careers this deeply imbedded in military microwave weapon development and disappeared science.

This is a story of magnitude far beyond any of us to unfold. However, history will.

The solutions are already precedent, in Sweden, Holland and the deserts of Utah. Renewable energy, stand-alone solar, passive solar, integrated PV, LEED architecture, DC residential power, hardwired internet. Put the wireless back in the wire, then put the wire deep in the ground. If we don’t do this, it will do it to us. Look at the cancer stats alone.

The solution for LPEA was piloted 10 years ago: progressive pricing. The way it works is simple and cheap. Progressive Pricing adjusts the rate based on how much energy is used. The sustainable, energy efficient are rewarded with low power bills (or are even paid) and the peewad is charged out of the energy hogs. This isn’t theory, it’s been done. I toured California during the rolling brownouts and presented progressive pricing to a packed audience in Santa Barbara. Three months later, Gov. Gray Davis enacted progressive pricing, which turned power consumption around almost immediately. Until we price consumer products for sustainability, we’re going nowhere but down – and this doesn’t mean loading the airwaves with more cancer, sleep deprivation, autism and immune suppression.

What we really need is full disclosure from power companies regarding how much they’re making and what they’re allowing in terms of telecommunications broadband radiation traffic. Then, they need to take every one of those idiotic, glow-in-the-dark, make-your-baby-sick, neuro-carcinogenic, fry-your-kitty-and-guppy digital pulsed frequency microwave emitting Smart Meters down and replace them with the good old ones that made your eyeballs turn backward. And all those neurotic dogs who are depressed as hell because the meter readers were fired will be given back their reason to yap.

– Gary Lee Duncan, executive director, Smart Shelter Network


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