The Obama Administration placing a moratorium on uranium mining on 1 million acres in and around the Grand Canyon, protecting a multi-million dollar tourism industry, a national treasure and drinking water for 25 million people

Durango Mountain Resort boasting one of the better snowpacks in the state and reporting strong reservations despite below-
average snowfall

Tim Tebow pulling out another win at the last second against the favored Pittsburgh Steelers, keeping Bronco playoff hopes, as well as the Tebow mystique, alive

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s avowed “iron-fisted” crackdown on his country’s peaceful uprising, which has already resulted in a death toll of 6,000 over the last 10 months

Recent news of a completely drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis, which has spread from isolated pockets of the world to Mumbai, the largest city in India and the fourth-most populous in the world

The world’s lopsided weather continuing, with several feet of snow falling in parts of south-central Alaska while much of the rest of the United States remains dry or in drought conditions