The Susan G. Komen foundation rescinding its decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, ensuring continued low-cost breast cancer screenings for women

The recent storm cycle bringing the first good spat of successive powder days to the area this season

A move by Silverton’s San Juan Regional Planning Commission to limit new home construction above treeline to 1,000 square feet in an effort to preserve the viewshed and sensitive high alpine ecosystem

The recent mystery surrounding the disappearance of Irvin Rangel and the death of his friend leaving a grisly trail of details from Purgatory to Farmington

U.N. diplomatic efforts to stem the violence in Syria failing, thanks in part to resistance from China and Russia, which support the Assad regime

A new marketing low with Beyonce and Jay Z. trademarking the name of their baby, Blue Ivy™, for future use on merchandise like cosmetics and baby bags