Bottoms Up

The La Plata County Fair: a sanctuary for Americana culture, including everyone’s favorite event, the Demolition Derby. The timeline is a bit hazy as to when this fabled motorsport stepped out of the cornfields  and into the limelight, but one thing is definite, there wouldn’t be a county fair without one. Here’s a look:

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December 12, 2019
Gimme shelter

I spot a few cars parked along the road near the Purple Cliffs. I pull over, messing with my purse and worrying about locking the doors

December 5, 2019
Power in numbers

La Plata Electric Association has been trying to increase local renewable energy production for the past several years.

November 27, 2019
Dishing up cultural perspective

I haven’t any family close by to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year (except my darling husband), but I still have my friends, and I greet the day with an attitude of gratitude.