The Pole
Ear to the ground
“No, I don’t really like to irrigate.”
– A local rancher answering the question, “How do you like your new hearing aids?”

Annies' makeover
A local lady could be in for an “extreme makeover,” but she needs a little nudge. Annie’s Orphans, Durango’s nonprofit sanctuary for abandoned, neglected and abused dogs, is making a run at the ABC reality show, “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition,” and the entire community is encouraged to turn out for the filming of an application video. The shoot is set for this Fri., Sept. 30, on Main Avenue between 10th and 11th streets. Participants should assemble outside Olde Tymer’s at 7:30 a.m.

“The process includes an application video, and ABC wants to see that the community is supportive of ‘Extreme Makeover’ coming here,” said Jola Schraub, an Annie’s Orphans board member. The goal, according to Schraub, is to fill the street and nearby buildings. Dogs are invited as well. If selected, Annie’s kennels and the home of the shelter’s founders – Anna and Bill Anderson – will be madeover during the show’s 2012 season.

The recently created Four Corners Film Office is also hoping to do its part to swing “Extreme Makeover” toward Durango.  “It would be terrific for the Durango community if ‘Extreme Makeover’ selects Annie’s Orphans for an episode,” said Dave Welz, of the Film Office. “We’re here to work with the production company, make sure their needs are met and connect them with the local people they’ll need. The Four Corners Film Office could be instrumental in swaying their decision to come here.”

Annie’s Orphans has been serving the dogs of the Four Corners since 1985. Last year, the shelter adopted out more than 100 rescued dogs. “If ABC were to come and rebuild the Anderson’s home and the kennels, Annie’s Orphans would be able to serve this community and dogs of the region for generations to come,” Schraub said.

To learn more about Annie’s Orphans, visit

New Mexico’s highlands
The sheaf throw, caber toss and braemer stone are heading south of the border, and the little people and giants of the Four Corners are all invited. The inaugural Aztec Highland Games runs Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Aztec’s Riverside Park

The centerpiece of the event will be a series of highland physical competitions, including the caber toss, hammer throw and the foot race. The games also include a two-day Celtic Music Festival, and there will also be Scottish dance exhibitions, bagpipe exhibitions, children’s activities, clan tents, food and merchandise vendors, and local beer and wine.

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