The Pole
Ear to the ground
“Did you hear Keller Williams is coming to town?”
“The real estate company?”
– Conversation at local pub regarding the dearth of entertainment options

Curious passersby may have noticed a new edifice taking shape at Chapman Hill recently. And while speculation has ranged from ski-in/ski-out fondue to an Olympic training facility, the real story is not quite as sexy.

“It’s a storage building to house the snowcat and snowguns,” Durango Parks and Rec Director Cathy Metz said Tuesday.

Currently, the city’s snow-making and grooming fleet is stored off site at the city yard near Bodo. The new 40-foot-by-60-foot Chapman “shed” will replace the old metal one that was scrapped earlier this year.

And even if a new storage shed isn’t all that exciting, local skiers and boarders at least can get excited about Mt. Chapman’s anticipated pre-Christmas opening.

“We just need it to get a little colder than it is now to start making snow,” said Metz. “The plan is to start blowing snow in December and have it open in time for Christmas Break.”

As for the snowcat, it should have a new home by December as well.

Whities get ‘dressed’ up
Short on time but still want the complete Thanksgiving feast with all the fixins? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood White Castle (or grocer’s freezer for those of us residing west of the Mississippi.)

Long the late-night staple of ravenous revelers, the little square sliders have more to offer than just soaking up Mickey’s big mouths.

That’s right, we’re talking White Castle stuffing. Think about it: bread, “meat,” onions, grease – all the makings in one handy, pre-assembled package. While recipes vary, the official one on the White Castle web site (and the official 1991 White Castle Cookoff contest winner, straight from W.C. central in Columbus, Ohio) entails 10 burgers (sans pickles, torn into bite-sized pieces); 1½ cups diced celery (OK, there’s some work); 1¼ tsp. thyme; 1½ tsp. sage; ¾ tsp. black pepper; and ¼ cup chicken broth. Toss well (microwave burgers first if frozen). While the recipe calls for stuffing the bird, we’re pretty sure that went out with steak tartare. We suggest cooking (or microwaving), until bubbly and delicious. Bon apetit!