Conoco Philips and Williams agreeing to help clean up the Four Corners’ air after being cited for clean air violations on the Southern Ute Reservation

A drop in foreclosures in Colorado and La Plata County a sign that the dismal housing market may be turning a corner

Durango Police announcing an investigation into possible excessive use of force during the Halloween zombie march last week, which resulted in 22 arrests, pepper spray and beanie bullets

Recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau that one in 15 Americans is living at or below the poverty level - a record high

A report from the International Panel on Climate Change, which includes the world’s top scientists, predicting global warming will lead to more extreme weather, leaving some places “only marginally habitable”

The Duggar Family, of reality show fame, announcing they will be having their 20th child, even as world population hit the 7 billion mark last week