If there,s one thing that small-town Colorado gets all bubbly over, its a local microbrew. Fortunately for us, Durango is on the forefront of craft beer production. And with four distinct breweries to choose from, most of us can easily call ourselves beer snobs. This week we celebrate American Craft Beer Week, with a cheers to our beloved local breweries. Working hard to keep our beer thirsts at bay, Durangos brewers are always busy cranking out the suds.

Carvers Brewmaster and expert sudsman Erik Maxson makes a few
steamy adjustments. Ska Brewings Holly Zabka pours out a fine Mexican Logger from
the tap. Scott Bickert, of Durango Brewing, prepares to begin a batch of
the ever-poplular Durango Wheat. Matt Fogg finds that a tiny beer sample is best paired with a
pint of Modus Hoperandi. Mmmmm. Hot mash. The inner workings of a beer factory, considerably more
complicated than any homebrew operation Toasty malted barley - the building blocks to good beer.


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