Throw on the workpants, bust out the leather gloves and dont forget the straw hat. Its time to get dirty. Sans a few late-spring freezes, the growing season is on. Getting after it on the regular are a few dedicated folks at Twin Buttes, nuturing a half acre of growing space. All organic, all natural and sold to local business, chances arae, youve eaten from their gardens. Check it out.

The always present, but rarely seen up close pocket gopher,
poised to strike in gardens everywhere. Top hand, Brain Petrie, carefully rigs a gopher trap. Students Kryn Dykema, left, and James Plate, right, examine
freshly tilled soil with a little help from Petrie. A week-old calf steadies herself for a grassy munch. Agricultural Field Technique students take a tutorial at the
Twin Buttes organic gardens. Drip-line irrigation is an efficient watering system in parched
regions such as our own.


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