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They're back

They’re back!

Xenophiles and UFO enthusiasts from around the country will return to the Four Corners region this weekend as the 14th annual Aztec UFO Symposium blasts off on March 25-26.

The symposium is sited in the nearby New Mexico town where a UFO allegedly crashed in March of 1948, just 9 months after the Roswell, N.M., incident. According to accounts, “six humanoid bodies” were recovered along with an undamaged craft north of Aztec in Hart Canyon.

The symposium opens on Friday with a meet-and-greet dinner. The following day a panel of researchers will discuss UFO’s, Aliens, Exopolitics, alien contactees, sightings, alien abductions and encounters and government cover ups. Forums include: “Did Extraterrestrials Create Man in Their Own Image?,” a discussion of the artifacts found at the 1947 crash in San Augustine, N.M., and an account by a man who has been a UFO experiencer for 50 years.

Music at the meet-and-greet dinner will be performed by Norio Hayakawa, and there will be guided tours of the crash site. All events are sponsored by Friends of the Aztec Library.

For more information or to register for the symposium, visit www.aztecufo.com or call 505-330-4616.

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