Defined by lush river valleys, rolling hills of ponderosa, ranchos and missions, one cant help but notice the rich cultural and natural history throughout northern New Mexico. The area is home to some of the oldest Spanish sites in the state, including the small town of El Rito. A walk down Main Street in this historic village whisks one away to another time and place. The rustic agrarian lifestyle still prevails throughout the region, revealing a modest tempo in comparison to the fast-paced norms of everyday city life. Heres a look:

El Farolito owner, Dennis Trujillo, crisps up a pair of flautas
on the griddle. The weathered facades of downtown El Rito. The trailer-sized diner hides its special chile recipes in the
tiny old Spanish village of El Rito. Dennis Trujillos son, Dominic, rolls out fresh dough for
soon-to-be sopapillas. An exquisite spread of classic New Mexican fare. The landscape that inpsired Georgia OKeeffe, near historic Ghost
Ranch, outside Abiquiu. Colorful flower memorials Cruisin the strip, gasoline-free. Echo Ampitheater, a popular roadside attraction, sits near
Abiquiu. A local pastime, fishing on the Chama River.


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