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Rid the range of freeloaders

To the Editors,

In Joel Brisbin’s letter “Closing out the public,” he says that grazing fee increases are driving cattlemen and wool growers out of business. To that my response is good!  Cattlemen and shepherds – through paying a pittance for their permits to graze on high mountain wildflowers, while concurrently utilizing their private land to grow a cash crop, and hiring third world shepherds at slave wages to manage their livestock – have been subsidized by the general public for the duration of the scant 150 years they have been grazing livestock on public lands. It’s about time they get off the dole and make it without the aid of the welfare state.

The demographics are changing and the federal government is slowly adjusting to these changes. There are now more people who ski, hike, climb, bike and backpack on these public lands than there are cowboys and sheepboys, and in a democracy, majority rules.  As for historical use, where do you draw the line, 1850 or 1650? Historically, there were no livestock in these mountains until the mid 19th century, and until the federal government started issuing regulations, over-grazing was systemic, as well as invasive plant species. Anyone who has hiked the Burnt Timber Trail can clearly see the thistle weeds that have been introduced by sheep (AKA range maggots).

I, for one, do not eat beef or lamb for the sole reason that they are an environmental plague, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

– Steven Dae, Durango


A strong skill set and values

To the Editors:

The candidacy of Dick White for Durango City Council gives us an opportunity to elect a forward-thinking, progressive and effective leader for our community. In this time of economic uncertainty, every decision andpolicy must satisfy both immediate needs and long-term goals, and Dick White brings a skill set and strong values to achieve what is best for Durango.4Dick has been engaged in our community in many ways and has shown himself to be collaborative, thoughtful, creative and persistent. Please visit his website (www.DickWhiteforDurango.org) to see the details of his qualifications; you will be impressed by his background and the sincerity of his desire to serve Durango.

Dick White’s campaign emphasizes caring for our local resources, and engaging local sources in all aspects of the city’s activities. His advocacy for smart growth in our historic downtown and support for entrepreneurial business development will help create and maintain a strong economic climate, not just for tomorrow, but for our future.

Please find out what Dick White offers to Durango, and cast your vote for him for City Council.

– Robert Winslow, Durango


The science of climate change

To the Editors,

When Ms. Wallace opines (Telegraph 5/3/11) “When half the scientific community believes that there is not enough science that any climate change is human caused,” she is unencumbered with a knowledge of the facts.

To wit, the American Geophysical Union, our country’s largest organization of earth scientists, holds a position contrary to hers. Also, a little philosophy of science, you don’t prove hypotheses, you simply evaluate their predictive value. The most predictive of human contributions to human climate change hypotheses are significant at the P.01 level of confidence. (If Wallace doesn’t know what that means, she has an unenlightened position.)

– Frank Tikalsky, Bayfield


Intelligence and integrity

To the Editors,

I am a 79-year-old retired senior who moved to Durango last year. I met Connie Imig through my daughter. I have interacted with Connie both at the Spaaah Shop, which she purchased last year, and at the Durango Arts Center, where she serves on the Board of Directors. I am impressed by her intelligence, practical judgment and integrity.  I believe she would be very capable of handling the issues facing the City of Durango.

– Chester Salkind, Durango


Working tirelessly for Durango

To the Editors,

Durango City Council elections are coming up, and I’m writing to urge you to join me in voting for Anita “Sweetie” Marbury.

I can think of few folks more passionate and dedicated to our community than Sweetie. A public school teacher all her life, Sweetie knows the value of public service and knows how to work hard to achieve real results. If you’ve attended public forums or City Council meetings, you’ve probably seen Sweetie, speaking up for what she believes in – Sweetie knows that the best way to improve our community is to take personal responsibility for it.

As our city councilor, I know Sweetie will work tirelessly for Durango, because I have never seen her put anything less than all her energy into a project. On April 5, I will be voting for Sweetie, and I hope you will too.  

– Lionel Dripps, Durango


Uniquely qualified

To the Editors,

As a past board member for Habitat for Humanity, I had the opportunity to work with Connie Imig, who was the Executive Director of the organization at the time. What impressed me the most was her ability to get things done. No matter what the crisis of the moment, Connie turned it into a challenge that she creatively solved. At the end of the day, houses got built and families had homes. Having been the executive director of two Chambers of Commerce and business counselor, Connie is uniquely qualified to help small business thrive in Durango. Join me in voting for Connie for Council!

– Elizabeth Salkind, Durango


Dedicated, caring and passionate

To the Editors,

As this spring’s City Council election approaches, I am pleased to see that there are four very competent and qualified people running.  The city will be in good hands with any of these dedicated, caring and passionate people.

I have chosen to support Dick White, as I feel he best represents the things I believe in.  For example, Dick has an intimate understanding of sustainability issues, he is passionate about social justice and a fair process, and actively promotes a strong local economy and food system. Dick will keep the city’s affordable housing program going strong, ensuring Durango remains accessible to all.

On a personal level, Dick is very thoughtful, easily accessible and “plays nice” with others. If you are a Durango resident, I highly encourage you to consider voting for Dick White for the Durango City Council.  

Look for your ballot in the mail starting March 18, and thank you for participating in Democracy.

– Michael Rendon, Durango





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