Spring fever is running rampant these days, and for those jonesin for some snow-free fun, a perfect fix awaits just a stones throw across the Utah/Colorado border. Forming the Southeast corner of Canyonlands National Park, the appropriately named Needles Distric is perhaps the most accessible area within the expansive park. Brilliant towers of Cedar Mesa sandstone and endless winding canyons beg to be explored. Whether its a day hike or a weekend over-nighter, spring awaits just a few hours away ...

The evening sun casts a warm glow on the sandstone spires and
fins guarding The Needles incomparable Chessler Park. A deep grotto on one of the Needles most classic hikes, The
Joint Trail. Cryptobiotic soil, holding the desert in place. The ever-ominous Druid Arch hides at the top of the Needles
Elephant Canyon. A downstream view in Elephant Canyon. Ancient pictographs depicting handprints, hidden along a popular
Needles trail. A perfect expample of expert Anasazi masonry skills.


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