Each summer, thousands of visitors vacation throughout our region. Its a time we affectionaltely refer to as tourist season. Commonly seen in high concentrations near souvenir shops, chic boutiques and restaurants, these creatures of habit can rove in small or sometimes extended packs known as families. When observed in their prime habitat, these families have been known to put on quite a show, and with a keen ear, one can even discern their region of origin. With downtown Durango being a hotspot for tourist activity, this basic field guide will help you identify some of the most common specimens. To remain respectful of the more reclusive varieties, an anonymous black square has been placed over identifiable facial features.

Seen here is the Resplendent Urbanite. Beyond, a male subject
observes this revered but rare creature. Having spent little time apart, these Mates for Life are well
versed in vacationing, and over time, have come to resemble one
another. This spectacular sight is known as the Spring Chicken and has
probably only recently flown the family coop in search of higher
education. Often exhibiting disinterest at a young age, tourist fledglings
have many more family vacations to look forward to. A variety of specimens shows off some common summer plumage
while flocking to a popular Main Avenue roost. Here you have a pair of Easy Spirits, off in search of high


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