Durango defying the odds and managing a relatively wildfire-free season in spite of light monsoons and overwhelmingly dry conditions

Global Community Monitor’s discovery of toxic chemicals near Sunnyside Elementary prompting Durango School District 9-R to conduct an independent study of the situation

Durango’s Todd Wells carrying the momentum of his recent national championship jersey and winning the fabled Leadville Trail 100 on Saturday

The Durango Mall continuing to stonewall the building of Mercury Village and threatening to send of one of Durango’s economic lifebloods down the road

The federal government considering three sites in New Mexico, including one in Los Alamos, to dispose of highly toxic radioactive waste that has no other place to go

Royal Dutch Shell picking up where BP left off with one of the worst North Sea oil spills in a decade in spite of the company’s claims that the spill is “under control”