With warmer temperatures and rising river levels, some local residents just cant wait to dust off their bilge pumps and secure their PFDs for some early season action. Kayakers are heading out for a preseason warm-up at their favorite play spots, and rafters are rigging like J.W. Powell to enjoy that brief window when the river is still sans-tuber. For some, the river represents a thrill, for others a simple form of relaxation. And if you listen closely, the melodic lyrics of Styx can be heard, whispered from the gurgling depths, Time stands still as I gaze in her waters, she eases me down, touching me gently with the waters that flow past my boat on the river.

A paddleboarder floats behind the high-school as friends watch
on from the comfort of their raft. David Thuline, right, helps Steve Scheid, center, rig his brand
new raft while David Elwell watches on. A crew of out-of-towners show some genuine smiles as they coast
through Corner Pocket last week. Steve Scheid mans the oars of his brand-spankin new raft on


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