Maybe its the longer days or the warmer temperatures, but theres something about spring time that signals our biological clock to get outside and dig in the dirt. Whether its a small container garden, a massive veggie plot or some showy perennials, now is the time to start turning the soil and trolling the local nursery aisles for the perfect greenery. And with a little luck, and some help from Mother Nature, even a rookie gardener can go from green horn to green thumb in no time.

Local builder Larry Barnes staps down a ponderosa pine for
transplant outside Native Roots. Julie Crumbaugh tends to some flourishing beer-making hops at
Native Roots. Just in case you forget... Hundreds of seedlings find shelter from early spring
weather. Durango Nurserys Nancy Stoffer gets some potting done outside
the greenhouse. Every good nursery needs tight security, as Guido stands watch
over the yard at Native Roots.