Searching for that perfect after school activity? Tired of being forced to run penalty laps around the football field? Or maybe youd just like to learn the essentials of a fun new sport. The Rock Lounges Kids Rock program could be right up your alley. This hands-on rock climbing class for elementary and middle school students teaches kids the fundamentals for safe, fun climbing. Check out for information.

5-year-old Jake Washburn ponders if photography actually has
anything to do with climbing. Learning to use every climbers favorite type of hold, the
sloper. The Kids Rock crew, ages 5-9. The team gets quick safety speech from from instructors, Cara
Kropp, left, and Ian Altman. DIxon Shropshire learns the basics of tying in with a
figure-eight knot. Isabelle Washburn works throuh a few tricky moves while her
fellow students lounge below.