Ear to the ground

“Whoa, that sounds like a dangerous combination.”

– A Durango Telegraph reader after seeing that a local medical marijuana dispensary is now offering THC-infused ice cream

Pedaling for peace

Few would consider the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic a training ride. But those lining up for the Colorado Peace Ride, set for July 29-Aug. 1, will be riding the equivalent of more than four Durango-to-Silverton stretches.

“This would be a good time to get a bit of extra sleep, make sure not to skip any meals, and eat your spinach,” Olympic cyclist Colby Pearce advised would-be peace riders. The 14-time Elite U.S. National Champion is lending his support to the ride by creating an in-depth training program.

The route follows the fabled Death Ride circuit, 238 miles along the entire San Juan Skyway, but over a more relaxed four-day schedule. Bear in mind that “relaxed” is subjective. In total, cyclists will climb more than 10,000 feet, and the first day alone – which spans the 71 miles from Durango to Ouray – boasts 4,500 feet in elevation gain.

As another first, the Colorado Peace Ride is the only major bicycle ride in the state dedicated to the cause of peace. The ride is intended to raise awareness about and funds for the Sophia Peace Center, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Dolores. The center supports other nonprofits dedicated to peace by providing them with free or low-cost retreats.

More information on the Peace Ride is available online at www.thepeaceride.com. Early registration for the ride is available through June 1 and regular registration is open through July 1.

Classified information

Five dollars used to get you a cappuccino, a pint of beer, 1.7 gallons of gasoline or a Durango Telegraph classified ad. And though the price of our classifieds has been one constant in an ever-changing world, we also have to change with the times.

Classified ads have remained the same price for nearly eight years, but the cost of paper, printing, distribution and credit card processing fees have not. As a result, we’re looking for a little extra help from our faithful advertisers.

Beginning with out June 3 issue, classified ads (you know, those little line ads in the back of the paper) will cost 40 cents a word for 25 words or less (that’s $10 for you non-math types), and 40 cents each additional word (that’ll be slightly more than $10 for you more verbose, non-math types). In exchange, we’ll continue to help you sell your wares, spread your message or find your employees.

Those of you coughing up an Andrew Jackson can rest assured that you’re doing your part to get us onto the newsstands each week. And remember, it’s just a couple of pints or a few gallons of petrol.