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A forgetful finish line

Dear Editors,

Thanks ever so much for the continued coverage of the local cycling results. TheTelegraph from its beginning has been steadfast in its support for our great cycling community. That’s why I was quite surprised that there was no mention of Durango DEVO after the Rabbit Valley Race. Obviously Devo’s results at Rabbit Valley were quite good. Hopefully it was a forgetful omission. Again thanks for the continued shout outs for our cycling community. Young, old, pro, weekend warrior, or the folk just goin’ to the grocery store or work who wish for safe roads.

– Best Regards, Nan Cresto, Durango

(Editors’ reply: Thanks for the note, Nan. You can rest easy that it was an omission, and no dirty journalism was involved. And before we forget, we’re off at this moment to drop our kids off at Devo practice.)

Efficiency and Russian resurgence

To the Editors:

During the past few years, Russian oil revenues have generated a surplus of $500 billion, and Russia is using this money to rebuild and expand its military after many years of neglect.

The refurbishment of the Russian military has been accompanied by a revival of the Cold War, and we are in the midst of a resurgence of Russia and its totalitarian machinations.

The foray into Georgia is an example of the mentality of the Russian leadership, and Russia might be rekindling a close relationship with Cuba, including the reopening

of a sophisticated electronic intelligence-gathering operation in Lourdes, Cuba. Russia has conducted talks with Cuba, Syria and Vietnam on the use of naval bases, hassent naval forces to visit Venezuelan ports, and has promised to help Chavez develop a nuclear “energy”(???) program.

As the largest consumer of oil in the world, we have to continue to reduce our oil consumption, which will help our economy and the environment, exert downward pressure on oil prices, and decrease the revenue going to Russia and other foreign countries. We need fuel-efficient vehicles, more alternative energy sources, increased domestic oil and natural gas production, and more nuclear power plants.

– Donald A. Moskowitz, via e-mail

The Gift

The tiniest honey fly

Alighted on my finger and danced.

I carefully brought it close.

Its fragile and delicate antennae

Explored a matrix of skin.

The speck of an ebony eye

And the dainty, iridescent-green, tinted wings,

Glistened in the morning light.

The incomprehensible workings of Nature

In a miniature, moving ballet,

Right before my eye!

Suddenly a breeze…

And all was lost!

– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio

Fun with napalm

Dear Editors,I found this song, sung by the military during the Vietnam War. It is truly horrifying. A stark reality of what 53 percent of your tax dollars now goes to support – The War Machine. The Tea Partiers don’t seem to mind that! I believe the true rulers of the world are the oil and gas industries who make all the war toys!

This ironic song was influenced by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken in June 1972, showing Vietnamese children fleeing from a South Vietnamese Air Force napalm attack.

Napalm Sticks to Kids

“We shoot the sick, the young, the lame, We do our best to maim, Because the kills all count the same, Napalm sticks to kids.

Chorus: Napalm sticks to kids, Napalm sticks to kids.

Flying low across the trees, Pilots doing what they please, Dropping frags on refugees, Napalm sticks to kids.

Goods in the open, making hay, But I can hear the gunships say, “There’ll be no Chieu Hoi today,” Napalm sticks to kids.

See those farmers over there, Watch me get them with a pair, Blood and guts just everywhere, Napalm sticks to kids.

I’ve only seen it happen twice, But both times it was mighty nice, Shooting peasants planting rice, Napalm sticks to kids.

Napalm, son, is lots of fun, Dropped in a bomb or shot from a gun, It gets the gooks when on the run, Napalm sticks to kids.

Drop some napalm on a farm, It won’t do them any harm, Just burn off their legs and arms, Napalm sticks to kids.

CIA with guns for hire, Montagnards around a fire, Napalm makes the fire go higher, Napalm sticks to kids.

I’ve been told it’s not so neat, To catch gooks burning in the street, But burning flesh, it smells to sweet, Napalm sticks to kids.

Children sucking on a mother’s tit, Wounded gooks down in a pit, Dow Chemical doesn’t give a shit, Napalm sticks to kids.

Bombadiers don’t care a bit, Just as long as the pieces fit, When you stuff the bodies in a pit, Napalm sticks to kids.

Eighteen kids in a No Fire Zone, Rooks under arms and going home,Last in line goes home alone, Napalm sticks to kids.

Chuck in a sampan, sitting in the stern, They don’t think their boats will burn,Those damn gooks will never learn, Napalm sticks to kids.

Cobras flying in the sun, Killing gooks is lots of fun, Get one pregnant and it’s two for one, Napalm sticks to kids.

Shoot civilians where they sit, Take some pictures as you split, All your life you’ll remember it, Napalm sticks to kids.

NVA are all hard core, Flechettes never are a bore, Throw those PSYOPS out the door,Napalm sticks to kids.

Gather kids as you fly over town, By throwing candy on the ground, Then grease ‘em when they gather ‘round, Napalm sticks to kids.”

– Heather Snow, Durango



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