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Kudos to Skyhawk Fans & Friends

To the Editors:

We recently hosted one of the most difficult athletic events ever attempted by FLC – the 2010 NCAA DII WBB Regional. It took an incredible effort from the entire Athletics staff, people I am proud to say I serve; outstanding coaches lead by Mark Kellogg and a group of marvelous young women on the WBB team. Almost as important, it took the efforts of a vast network to make it a success.

It took last-minute help both on the FLC campus and off from the Durango area business community, our conference office, and local schools to complete locker room renovations; set up media needs; vacate office spaces and locker rooms; create meeting and press rooms; open hotel rooms during spring break; run hospitality rooms, the scorers table, concessions, ticketing and parking; provide security services; provide for extra scorers/press tables; offer local transportation/meals; act as team hosts to our many guests from across the Central Region; provide medical services and printing; and much, much more. Without this help, the success we had hosting the WBB Regional could not have been possible!

As can be seen, this was an extraordinary team effort over spring break without most of our usual work force. I’m proud to have been part of this great effort; very proud to serve wonderful people that make up this department/college; and especially proud to serve such a wonderful group of Skyhawk supporters and student-athletes. All our visitors said it was one of the finest regional tournaments they’ve attended and that accolade goes to each of you. Your efforts were incredibly important to me, FLC and Durango.

Most importantly, in part because of your efforts, YOUR Skyhawk WBB team made it to St. Joseph, Mo., for the NCAA Elite 8! The first time in history for any RMAC

WBB team! This remarkable group of young women made a memorable run to the finals and brought Durango and FLC onto the national stage again with their4

national broadcasts on ESPNU/ESPN2!!  To those who didn’t go to St. Joseph, you were all part of the journey in spirit, and that’s what made it so special! Thank you Skyhawks and thank you Durango!

– Go Skyhawks! Kelly J. Higgins, Director of Athletics, Fort Lewis College

Of arrogance and political office

To the Editors,

The arrogance of people like Richard Doran is amazing. To even think one needs to be a retired military strategist to run this country and to be patriotic is the utmost of arrogance. Not as Doran suggests President Obama’s “wall of arrogance,” such as passing the health care bill. It is extremely arrogant on Doran’s part to ignore the health care needs of millions. The health care bill was long overdue. Doran says Obama ignored the “will of the people,” when I think he meant the will of his people.

His kind keep harping on a loss of freedoms, I ask, what freedoms exactly, Mr. Doran, are you referring to? I don’t feel less free than I did in 2008. In fact, I felt more free when our last Pres left office since it was him pushing us into two unwanted wars. Also he was the one who mysteriously disappeared from his National Guard groups and had a VP who dodged the draft. A little background of my own so Mr. Doran doesn’t harp on who I am. I am an ex military man, I am patriotic, I do love my country, my ancestors have been in every war including the Revolution, but I don’t think ex-military officers are the answer. I also think that our current administration is far more responsive to the public then the preceding group. I can guarantee you that Col. McConnell will not get my vote.  

– Frank Klein, via e-mail

Growing local education

To the Editors,

I would like to take the time to thank The Durango Foundation for Educational Excellence (DFEE) for its help in completing our garden curriculum at Animas Valley Elementary. DFEE strives to improve educational opportunities by providing funding for projects and programs that otherwise could not be funded by the district budget. Last year, this organization made a generous donation to “build” a curriculum pairing Colorado’s Academic Standards with the school’s garden. The students of this school have already greatly benefited from being in the school garden to learn their daily lessons. More than 100 lesson plans have been compiled and presented to the teachers and staff of AVE to use with their students. It is our hope that this project will serve as a model for other schools in our community to construct and utilize school gardens to enhance their students’ education. Vegetable gardens are a very powerful learning experience waiting for thirsty-minded students. With the help of DFEE, we are one step closer to achieving educational excellence for our children. Thank you!!

– David Travieso, Durango

When the dust settles

To Durango Telegraph:From the April 22 paper: “The Ignacio Community Library hosts a worst case scenario/disaster preparedness workshop...”

Prepared - 1. properly equipped; ready: prepared for a disaster.

When it comes to our property, what do we expect in case of loss (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, etc.)? The disaster itself is news. What happens after the dust settles is the story: the aftermath shock. Here is something the public should know. With a little curiosity, you, the insurance policyholder, can mitigate that shock.You need to be informed of access to your basic rights and vital information – even footing – equality. The Internet reaches far more people than anyone would have ever imagined, though it’s difficult to gather those willing to pause, to inspect ... to grasp. And yet, much is available gratis!  It just takes looking: www.disasterprepared.net/info.html. -

– Antone P. Braga, via e-mail