The weather: a bit iffy; the dance floor: slightly damp. But when Fort Lewis Colleges Baile Folklorico hit the stage with its spicy Latino dance moves and brilliant textiles, this years Cinco de Mayo Fiesta took off without a hitch. The local dance group, composed of FLCstudents and alumni, as well as DHSstudents, performed a variety of traditional dance routines unique to different regions in Mexico. The celebration, held in Durangos Buckley Park on Sunday, not only incuded dancing, but live mariachi, clowns and, of course, piatas. Heres a look.

Sisters, Melisa (left) and Kathy Smith bring their dresses to
life on the dance floor. Jen Cossey displays a beautiful dress from the state of
Veracruz, Mexico Balle Folklorico in action. Albuquerque band Chicanisimo, which includes a few Durango High
grads, lays it down on stage.