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An alternate ‘Vision’

Dear Editors,You recently published a letter from Teddy Herzog, which strongly urged readers to attend Carol Reynold’s Vision Seminar July 30, Aug. 1 in Pagosa.I’d like to offer a different perspective.I attended the Vision Seminar several months ago, and left after the first night. To me, the seminar’s approach felt coercive, manipulative and de-humanizing. In my view, the Vision Seminar is designed to control you (there’s tons of stuff in there about what you can and can’t do – even when you can and can’t go to the bathroom!). To me, it feels as though it’s all designed to keep you in and to insulate and separate you from your own discernment, judgment and intuition. I believe this (work around becoming a more loving, open and compassionate human being) is sacred and sensitive. I believe programs that delve into love, childhood wounds, and ingrained habits and patterns, have a responsibility to value each person’s heart and spirit, and my experience was that this was not the case at the Vision seminar.

If you’re interested in this type of work, I believe there are other programs and resources available to you that are far more supportive, nurturing and in the long run, effective, then the Vision Seminar. I can personally recommend Carolyn Hobbs, a body-centered therapist in Durango, and friends have told me good things about the nature of the programs offered by Jeannie Zandi and Gay and Katie Hendricks. You might also want to check out a Circle of Trust, which you can find by googling “Parker Palmer.”

– Tom Mann, Durango

Hug a lawyer today

To the Editors,

La Plata County lawyers are a generous group! Every year, the professional attorney’s association donates several thousand dollars to local nonprofit associations and college scholarships. This year, the 6th Judicial District Access to Justice Committee was one of the grant recipients from the Southwest Colorado Bar Association. Access to Justice is an organization dedicated to reducing community members’ unmet legal needs, primarily through education. The grant funds ATJ received will be used to create a legal educational program for middle school and high school students regarding real-life financial and emotional consequences of drug and alcohol use: loss of driving privileges, loss of freedom, extensive mandated counseling and court appearances, criminal record, and job repercussions. We may also cover consumer issues they soon will face, such as leases, contracts, car loans, and credit debt. Southwest Colorado Bar Association has been a partner we can count on to provide educational access to the judicial system. We are grateful for their regular generous donations to us and other worthy recipients. Due to their big hearts, hug a lawyer today!

– Lynne Sholler, Chair, 6th J.D. Access to Justice Committee


Proven leadership experience

Dear Editors,

I am voting for Scott Graham for La Plata County Commissioner in the upcoming election.  He is a Durango native, devoted to family and this community. He is fair minded and open to all views and ideas. He is accessible and also very knowledgeable of the county’s goals, problems and future potential. He has proven leadership experience.  

I hope you will join me in voting for Scott Graham for La Plata County Commissioner to assure the positive future of La Plata County.

– Mary Lou Falkenstein, Durango

Make an informed choice

Dear Editors,

We’re supporting Scott Graham in the upcoming primary for La Plata County Commissioner for many reasons. Scott knows the needs of Durango both now and for the future, has proven himself to be a consistent and conscientious member of our city council, and cares very much about the uniqueness and vitality of our community.

We are fortunate to have Scott Graham as a candidate for La Plata County Commissioner and we invite all voters to make an informed and confident choice for his election.

– Sincerely, Anne and Don Webster, via email

A good-natured dude

To the Editors,

Vote for Scott Graham. He’s a good-natured dude who’s got the right combo of experience, values, humor, leadership, and determination that La Plata County needs big time.

– Paul Wilbert, Durango

Conversations with skeptics

Dear Editors,This winter I encountered yet another vocal global warming “skeptic” who approached me wanting to correct “my illusions” about anthropogenic global warming. Yet, when I called him on his (rehashed and repeatedly proven false) arguments, rather than sending me further information and explaining the flaws in my counter

explanations, he turned indignant, saying I was too beneath him for further discussion, then slammed the door in my face, so to speak.What does that say about intellectual integrity? Or about one’s personal desire to explore and learn from new information? My sadly recurring experiences with such public-speaking AGW “skeptics” suggest that most simply do not want to learn anything new. Why is that? Why does it seem like the “skeptics’” true concerns lie in protecting political and ideological turf? I ask this because I have yet to hear an AGW “skeptical” presentation that doesn’t mix political insulting, with a dose of fear mongering, topped by cherry-picking of the most grotesque order regarding the Earth observation data that is actually coming in!

In stark contrast, when listening to presentations by serious climate scientists about their particular areas of research and how those pieces fit into the greater puzzle. I have a very different experience. I spend the entire presentation focused on the topic at hand, often learning fascinating and valuable new understanding regarding how our planet operates. As simple as that, no polemics, insults or grand economic and political opining. To understand what I’m talking about, you could view UCTV’s “Perspectives On Ocean Science” lecture series, or the recent “Abraham v Monckton.” “Just the Facts” – it’s a beautiful thing to witness. These speakers allow me, as a spectator, to think it through and build on the store of information I have already accumulated.Why won’t “skeptics” come up with something like that, rather than their steady stream of infotainment style political theater? It makes me wonder, what has fostered such a self-serving negative attitude toward honestly learning about our Earth?What are the AGW “skeptics” all about, anyway? Substance or dominating some contrived ideological battlefield? Why are honest facts never respected? Why do AGW “skeptical” talking heads come across as though their only goal is to annihilate opponents?It might be a cute plot if this was a Hollywood movie, but we are talking real life, real planet, and for honest folk to continue believing the AGW denialist delusions ... well that’s going to hurt us all. And the longer we ignore the facts, the worse that hurting is going to get. We are indeed running out of time. Dear citizen global warming skeptic: please, try to check your ideology at the door, allow yourself to be skeptical of your own notions, then start actually looking at and considering the real data coming in.Very big, long lasting, tough changes actually are unfolding behind your turned backs. But, the truth is out there. You only need to be brave enough to look it straight in the face.

– Peter Miesler, Durango

Let’s target terrorism

To the Editors:

The recent attempted car bombing in New York City by Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen who was born and raised in Pakistan, reveals the susceptibility of this country to acts of terrorism.

Although the explosive devices planted in New York City did not work, this event serves to point out that New York City continues to be a target for terrorism. Other cities could be potential targets for Taliban and al Qaida terrorists emanating from Middle East countries or by a minority of U.S. citizens with loyalties to these groups.

We have to carefully screen people trying to enter the U.S. from high threat countries. We have to infiltrate agents into terrorist organizations outside and inside this country. We should report individuals who threaten this country or profess loyalty to countries and organizations that espouse the destruction of the U.S.

We need to tighten up and enact laws that will allow us to document individuals who gain naturalized American citizenship by marrying U.S. citizens and who might be threats to this country. Particular attention should be paid to applicants from countries that house, support, train and promote terrorism.

– Donald A. Moskowitz, via e-mail

Unquestionable integrity

To the Editors,

Bruce Baizel is the leader La Plata County needs and gets my vote for county commissioner. La Plata County is getting ready to turn the corner. The question is who do you want to lead the direction? I am voting for a man of unquestionable integrity in his personal and professional life. His thoughtful responses to stimulating the economy in our area to building on our strengths made me realize he is the best qualified candidate to lead. Bruce has the ability to work with all partners in our county. His work from federal to tribal governments assures me he knows the answers to the difficult questions facing the next commissioner. As a rancher and attorney he understands hard work. I find a balance in government is what we all are looking for in Colorado. Rural and city residents will benefit in November from the balance that Bruce Baizel brings to the county commission.

Bruce knows that water, agriculture, roads, oil and gas, economic partnerships and smart growth are issues that are important to folks from Breen to Ignacio.

Bruce has a variety of work experiences that are not as a volunteer on a committee but as day to day business that makes him the best qualified for county office. He has real life experiences in decision making, handling budgets, and working across the aisle to lead and that is why I trust my ballot to Bruce Baizel. I urge everyone to mail in their ballot for Bruce Baizel and choose Bruce to lead the direction that you want for our home, La Plata County.

– Sweetie Marbury, Durango





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