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Mapping out ATV abuse

Dear Eds,

Good story on ATVs last week. One of the big problems is that the current USFS maps are not showing the changes in motorized access implemented in the past couple of  years. If the Great Old Broads for Wilderness and San Juan Trail Riders wanted to do something productive, they could pick up the tab to pay for printing the supplemental maps and hand them out on the trail. They are available in limited numbers at the local USFS/BLM offices in Bayfield, Dolores, Durango and Pagosa Springs. Unlike bicycles, ATV’s must be licensed at a cost of $25.25. The 25 cents is for a Search & Rescue card. Even out-of-state ATV owners must register their ATV’s for use on public lands in Colorado.

– Dennis Pierce, via e-mail

A vote for Scott Graham

To the Editors,

Soon registered Democrats will be receiving their primary ballots in the mail. The La Plata County commissioner race is extremely important this year. We are lucky to have two great Democrats running, but I feel that Scott Graham is the one who will be able to garner widespread support from all sorts of voters to defeat the Republican candidate. Scott is a great listener and problem solver who will work hard to make decisions that benefit this wonderful place we all live.

– Nicki Massieon, Durango

A vote from Vallecito

To the Editors,

County commissioners are very important to us at Vallecito since we have no “city fathers.” Although I did not know Bruce Baizel prior to this spring, I have been very positively impressed with his qualities and potential as our next county commissioner.

Bruce made two visits to Vallecito to meet us and discuss issues. I also met him at both the County Democratic Assembly and the District Assembly in Silverton, where a couple of us from Vallecito had lunch with Chris Dolphin and Bruce following the Assembly. I find him to be intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate. His knowledge and experience in water law and oil and gas regulations will serve La Plata County well in the coming years. He has reviewed and drafted ordinances for the City of Durango and for a number of counties and townships in Colorado as well as other states. As one of my neighbors said, “He knows when to speak and when to listen.” A vote for Bruce Baizel is a vote for a better La Plata County.

– Marilyn McCord, Vallecito

Graham brings balance

Dear Editors,

I support Scott Graham for county commissioner for the simplest but most important reason: he is one of the rare individuals who can walk the fine line between development and retention of our priceless natural environment. Scott’s experiences on the Durango City Council along with having grown up in beautiful Southwest Colorado uniquely prepare him to lead us through the minefield of La Plata County’s development. He knows how easy it would be to destroy the very reasons we choose to live here: the pure air, the vistas, the forests, the rivers and streams. Similarly, he understands that few of us have the resources to live here without jobs that allow us to stay.

Support Scott Graham in the upcoming primary. He won’t let us down.

– Patrick Owens, Bayfield

Baizel a ‘county smart’ candidate

Dear Editors,

For those of you voting in the Democratic primary on Aug. 10, (and that should be ALL La Plata County Democrats), we have a choice for La Plata County commissioner for the seat in District 1. I am voting for Bruce Baizel for that seat, and would encourage you to do the same. Here’s why. There is one extremely important distinction between Bruce Baizel and his opponent, and one very good and one very clear reason why I like and support Bruce: he understands the county. I characterize Bruce as intelligent, with a good mind for figuring out the nuances of the complex problems that will face him as commissioner. He understands the balance that is necessary for local government to serve its citizens while promoting each individual’s potential. He knows it is critical for local governments to cooperate with each other. Most of all, he has common sense and is “county smart.” Living on the west side of La Plata County, Bruce lives the county life. He has first hand experience with the issues of county roads, limited water supplies, a self-reliant life style, and the rigors of people, himself and his neighbors, carving out a life for themselves. Put these together with his common-sense approach to problems, and that makes him the candidate to be our commissioner.

He lives the life that he will be asked to make decisions on. Please talk with him and find out where he is on your issues. He can be contacted at 799-3552 or bruce@brucebaizel.com. He is the person we need as commissioner. He is the candidate I will vote for; make him your choice too.

– Josh Joswick, Bayfield

Hats off to Adaptive Sports

Dear Editor:

Durango is truly blessed to have Ann Marie and Gloria running the Adaptive Sports Program in Durango, where services for handicapped and developmentally disabled people are lagging behind most of the rest of the nation due to our small population base. Being an absurdly protective and critical mom who comes with a background of working with the developmentally disabled, my hat is off to these two girls and all the amazing volunteers who make this program such a huge asset to Durango. No one could doubt the safety precautions, the planning that goes into each and every event, and the love and joy they bring into so many people’s lives. So if you have any spare time and want to see some genuine smiles, this is the place to volunteer or even flip them a few dollars.

– Poppy Harshman, Mayday

Support for a lifer

To the Editor:

I am supporting Scott Graham for La Plata County commissioner in the upcoming Democratic Primary because of his experience as a City Council member and his dedication to serving our community. Having been raised in La Plata County, Scott understands our local economic and environmental issues and the changes that we have experienced. Please join me by voting for Scott Graham for La Plata County commissioner.

– Jesse Hutt, via e-mail



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