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Power through poetry

she is the woman who takes cares of everyone

(how do we take care of her?)

she is the woman we take things from.

(What do we give her?)

she is the woman who shelters us.

(how do we protect her?)

we speak up for her well being when others do not

we are all of her children we must all take care of her as she ages

this woman who I speak of is mother earth.

– Apacha Mama (Mother Earth) poem, Greg Bison, Southern Ute, 8th grade


My color is yellow because i’m bright and intelligent. I am tangy because I am sour and sweet at the same time.

A smell that describes me is morning glorys because in the morning i am smelling like flowers.

I am dry and soft.

I am a bear, and a turtle because I am tall, strong, slow, and smart.

I am Southern Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, a dime size Spanish, and a penny full black. I live in IgnacioColorado.

I live on cedar point w/ my mom, dad, brother, and sister.

I struggle w/ making friends in school.

– Slam bio, Tanisha Collins, Southern Ute and Ute Mtn Ute


Color Green

Taste Green Chili

Tortillas smell like sage after the rain

A bull elk running lots of power

And freedom

My tribe is anywhere in nature

I live out of town in the woods

With my dad

Our house is made of stone and its always comfortable there

I struggle with alcohol and anger

– Slam bio, Josh Jones, 17

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