Ear to the ground

“She probably swam naked in more strange pools than anyone should in a lifetime.”

– A Durango mom sharing stories about her carefree 3-year-old on summer vacation

Upstanding bootleggers

Pass the pilsner. Durangoans can enjoy yet another benefit of locally brewed beer. The Bootlegger’s Society, the local consortium of Durango’s craft brewers, recently upped its philanthropic efforts and established the Durango Bootlegger’s Society Fund.

The fund was created under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Southwest Colorado to allow the breweries to collectively donate funds to nonprofits as well as organize fund-raising events and obtain a liquor license.

“This is a unique situation that helps to cement our philanthropic footprint in Southwest Colorado,” said Dave Thibodeau, co-founder of Ska Brewing Co. “I feel it can become a model for other small breweries/businesses to emulate in other communities across the country.”

Ska, Steamworks Brewing, Carver Brewing and Durango Brewing originally came together as the Bootlegger’s Society to raise awareness and understanding of craft beer by rallying around the needs of the community. The Society’s first event was the “Pint for Pint” blood drive in 2003, which has since emerged as a “best practice” and been modeled by blood service organizations throughout the country. The Bootleggers also received national recognition for each brewery committing to 100 percent Green Power, as well as implementing a number of “green” practices within their brewing operations.

Upcoming Bootlegger’s Society events include Oktoberfest, Ska’s 15th Anniversary Celebration and “Evenings on 8th” held each Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. in Downtown Durango.

 “Collectively we’ve always had a desire to help out the people of our communities,” said Thibodeau. “Establishing the Bootlegger’s Society Fund will make it that much easier for us to do so.”

Tuber training

Animas River tubers are being offered a carrot over the stick. Tubers who put-in at the river access behind the Durango Recreation Center – and help alleviate congestion at the 32nd and 29th Street put-ins – will receive a gift certificate. Kids of all ages can get a certificate for a treat from Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins or an even colder treat from Carvers or Steamworks. Tubers can pick up their put-in prize at the Recreation Center front desk on their way to the river.

The program was initiated by commercial rafting companies to promote Rec. Center river access for tubers. The site offers ample parking, a Durango T stop and a short walk to the waters.

On the other end, tubers can catch the T back to town, in front of Four Corners River Sports.  





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