Totally, brah. Its super easy! I remembered a friend saying, as I watched my wing smash into the ground a foot away from a disapproving snowboarder. Welcome to the exciting world of snowkiting. The newest action-packed winter sport entails participants using wind power to fly across snow-covered terrain. With the seemingly limitless potentional for backcountry travel, snowkiting is soaring in popularity. Heres a look at Durangos local kite zone, Lemon Reservoir.

Forrest Jones displays a textbook cross-the-tips-tail grab. Durangoan Jon Krueger establishes a little product
placement. Colorful kites and colorful people cruise around Lemon
Reservoir. Part-time Durango resident Jenny Hirschi rolls up her wing after
a day on the lake. A pair kite their way across Lemon Reservoir.