Every chocolate lover knows that a bite of a Hershey bar is like eating cardboard compared to a hand-crafted blend of smooth, high-quality, mouth-melting cacao. Josh Galloway, founder of Silverton Chocolates, now based in the Smiley Building basement, is probably in his kitchen at this very moment, creating some of the purest forms of chocolate you can get your hands on. Utilizing high-grade cacao obtained from independent farms, Galloway and his small team of chocolatiers are doing it up right, making the good stuff one delicious batch at a time.

Creator and connoisseur of fine chocolates, Josh Galloway, pours
some golden caramel into bite-sized moldings. Chocolatier Julia Hannigan packages a few bon bons made with Ska
beer. After an overnight melting process, the chocolate is tempered by
pouring it directly onto a cool slab of polished granite. Once the chocolate has reached tempered perfection, it is shaved
from the table and ready for use.


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