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Mean as a snake

Dear Editor:

I would like to set the record straight about the events that occurred last Thursday night (Nov. 18) at the Tracy Lawrence concert. First, however, I think it’s important that you know that I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I support my troops and my country.

I have heard many people calling Mr. Lawrence patriotic for his actions last Thursday night. My question is this, how many of you actually KNOW what happened? My guess is that 99 percent of the people that were in that auditorium have no idea, they were just following along like sheep in the atrocity committed against one of our own community members.

The young gentleman that Mr. Lawrence lashed out at was sitting in the front row with a group of friends, thus leading me to believe that he must be a fan to pay the extra fee to be that close to the stage. All night he and his friends enjoyed the concert, they were having an enjoyable night out together. He was not laughing at Mr. Lawrence, nor was he laughing at the song. In fact, when he began to laugh he bent clear over in his chair and tried to hide his face in his hands. Something obviously happened there in that row that was funny – a text, someone passed gas – who knows. The point is that we don’t always get to control our funny bone. He was trying to be respectful.

Mr. Lawrence on the other hand acted like a complete ass in my opinion. I would also like to add that I was a Tracy Lawrence fan, hence the reason I was sitting in the audience only a few rows behind the unfortunate young man.

An article inCountry Weeklypublished July 2010 talks about Mr. Lawrence “beating hard times” following his suspension in 1998 from Atlantic Records. The label suspended him until he got his personal life in order after he was convicted of spousal abuse. Fouryears prior to that conviction he was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm after he fired a handgun during a dispute with some teenagers. Mr. Lawrence is quoted as saying, “It was just one of those nights that got out of control,” He also stated “I was mean as a snake – ornery, high-strung and hotheaded,” when growing up. Was? Mr. Lawrence, you have some issues that have not been resolved. You are a professional performer and therefore should behave in a professional manner. Screaming at paying audience members, calling them cowards and demeaning them in front of hundreds of people is NOT professional.

For everyone else in the audience that was screaming at the young man, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Part of the problem with society these days is that we are so quick to judge others based not on fact, or things we witness ourselves, but on what other people perceive to be the facts. The same goes to everyone who stood in ovation for Tracy Lawrence’s little performance at the end. Know the facts before you publicly stone someone, next time it might be you.

For the young gentleman and his friends, I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone in that auditorium for their ignorance.

– Denise Hess, Bayfield

Pass the venison

To the Editors:

I just finished Mr Sands’ piece “Seeing orange” and it left me with some questions. He appeared to be making an attempt at humor and thereby trivializing his near death experience (?). His description of the “hunter” is so completely over the top that it becomes difficult to believe. Does he really think that this person was fantasizing about shooting him? Mr Sands claims to know the danger in stereotypes and yet seems hell bent on perpetuating one (or more). Finally, it sounds like he needs to spend time with Ari LeVaux. I’ve never had muskrat, but venison done right is damn good.

– Brian Hessling, Durango

‘What a Thanskgiving!’

To the Editors:

“There’s too much xanthum gum in the muffins!” my dad yelled. What a way to start off your Thanksgiving holiday! Well, I better start from the beginning. Lots of people wake up in the morning, go grab some coffee and go lounge on the couch. But, the way I started off my Thanksgiving morning was: Send out a text message containing: 1. Cool ringtone 2. Picture of a dancing turkey 3. Text that says: “Happy Thanksgiving!” to all my contacts. Then after reading 20 minutes ofThe Amazing Adventures of Tintin, I’m walking down the hall and nearly lose my gobbles when my younger sister yells, “Mommy! Elle stole my Barbie,” and slams the door. Ah what a life … .

Later, I find myself sitting on the swing in Schneider Park quoting cool kids movies and memorable comic strips with my two loving sisters, Elle and Norah. After, we walk around Main Avenue and find that not a soul is around. Our voices echo off the deserted streets. When we come home, we find that the Thanksgiving adventure was just about to start, as if it didn’t already … . As we walk in the door, a blast of smoke hit us like a Mack truck. Beep honk, beep honk, went the “not so innocent” smoke alarm, and my mother yelled, “Guys! We’ve had a slight problem with the turkey, and now it’s on fire.”

After that “not so slight” setback, we get a call from our neighbor. Blaring into the phone is the voice of my best friend’s mom saying, “Can we cook our spanikopita in your oven?”

“Yes, come up when you’re ready.”

Fifteen minutes later, Elle, Norah and myself are watching “Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes” on my sister’s computer, via Netflix. And my earnest parents are trying to make a tuna/pasta casserole for dinner. “It’s kinda hodge-podge,” my mom yelled over my sisters yowling like cats and dogs and the “ssssss” of the stove. We end up using that very casserole for our Thanksgiving dinner, and nothing else.

“Mom, where’s the muffins?” my young siblings yell in chorus. Ten minutes later … “There’s too much xanthum gum in the muffins!”

“Well then they are going to be bouncy balls!”

You see my mom thought there was supposed to be 1½ cups of the stuff. But, it’s EXTREMELY potent and the recipe called for only 1 teaspoon. (Back to “Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes.”)

After waiting 5 minutes for the science experiment to finish cooking in the “Hot Box” as my little sister calls it, drum roll please, the muffins are horrible!

Fifteen minutes later finds us all lounging on the couch reading yet another of Maria’s Bookshop’s wonders,The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. All of a sudden, my dad bursts out laughing SO hard, I think he is going to blow his tuna.

I instantly know that my father had found my Facebook post about the muffins: “Uh oh! Experimental muffins! Get them today! Made only by mom! (as seen on TV). Side-effects may include: spontaneous stomach combustion, explosive reactions, broken ovens, glue clots in your mouth, or any type of gastro-intestinal discomfort. Muffins should not be eaten if you don’t like eating glue. Please see your local doctor if you have any of these symptoms, this could mean that you might have a serious or rare or both, side effect.”

Well, what a Thanksgiving! Now its all back to normal Durango, no more ghost town streets, no more pyro turkeys and no more exploding muffins.

– Devin Feilen, Durango



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