With a touch of imagination, folks attending last weekends Mancos Renaissance Faire fell into character, and relived a time of roving minstrels, gypsy magic, fair maidens and noble swordsmen. Merry amounts of food, drink, music and game were the mainstay at the festival, with a jolly good time had by all. Heres a look:

A band of gypsies serenade the crowd with tradtional music. Kai Morris got a little too close to the Mud Pit during a
brawl. A small arms battle ensues during the Faire. The Pit claims another victim. A swordsmens blade meets his opponent.


In this week's issue...

May 2, 2019
In the flow

Rafting season is already under way on the Animas River, which has been flowing at near record levels and almost double the average rate for this time of year.

April 25, 2019
Laying down the law

Over the past couple decades, Jeff Robbins’ work as an  oil and gas lawyer – with a specific focus on serving local communities – allowed him to build relationships and gain the experience needed to carry out one of Colorado’s most sweeping reforms to oil and gas regulations, Senate Bill 181. 

April 18, 2019
A new kind of cold war

It’s a good thing Heidi Steltzer can’t tolerate the heat or the open ocean. “I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist, and I got seasick,” said Steltzer, a professor in the Biology Department and Environmental Science program at Fort Lewis College.