Ear to the ground

“I’m calling because I heard you guys are having a sale on eighths this week.’”

– A potential advertiser mistaking a dispensary’s sale on eighths of medical marijuana for a

Durango Telegraph sale on 1/8-page ads

The new and improved Durango

Durango’s automotive alter-ego is proving to be a survivor. In spite of word that Dodge would be wiping the Durango from its portfolio, the SUV has been resurrected for 2011. The good news is that the Durango is no longer one of the thirstiest sport utes on the highway. The new and improved vehicle is a crossover SUV that’s smaller, sleeker and easier on the gas pump.

Last year, Dodge announced that it would be dropping the Durango from its line. The plan was to exterminate the husky SUV and replace it with a new design, the Magnum. However, the marketing wizards at Dodge have wisely chosen to leave “Magnum” in the realm of firearms, malt liquor beverages and prophylactics. Last week, Dodge released “teaser photos” of its new crossover SUV, and it has “Durango” emblazoned on its hatch.

The new Durango is based on the Jeep Cherokee mold and is more car than the older truck-based Durango. The six-cylinder rig is street-oriented as well as flatlander-friendly – available in rear-wheel-drive as well as the standard 4WD. And feel free to bring along grandma and her new boyfriend. The rear has been stretched to fit a third row of seats.

Those wanting a little more rumble under the hood can upsize the new Durango to resemble the old Durango. A 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 is available as an upgrade.

Back on the map

Durango got another makeover last week. Singletrack Maps has released its Second Edition Durango Trails Map and made it easier to find oneself in the greater Durango area. The waterproof map has been updated to reflect the many changes within the local trail system over the past 17 months.

New additions to the map include trails such as the Skyline Trail, the renamed Overend Mountain Park, the “high bridge” connection along the Animas River Trail and many other cartographic improvements. The San Juan Public Lands Center, San Juan Mountains Association, Durango Parks and Open Space and the Colorado Division of Wildlife all helped make the improvements possible. Singletrack Maps other offerings include: Phil’s World, Golden Trails and the Buffalo Creek Trails. The corporation-free company sells its maps only through locally owned stores.




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