Durango Telegraph - First steps â?? Durangoâ??s road to medical marijuana
First steps â?? Durangoâ??s road to medical marijuana

Durango took a formative step toward medical marijuana legalization in 2007. At that time, a local man partnered with an advocacy group to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to Durango

At that time, prescribed marijuana was out of reach for most. The main obstacle was receiving a prescription from doctors who either feared prosecution or were barred from writing one. Local resident Aamann Degarth started a local chapter of the THC Foundation to open access to medical marijuana for Durangoans in need.

The first “clinic” featured two visiting doctors from Denver setting up shop in a couple of rented hotel rooms. The doctors conducted thorough physical exams, and after a successful review,

patients received medical documents that permitted them to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana.

Degarth argued that medical marijuana is the only viable option for some people. It is especially helpful to those with intense chronic pain and one of the few drugs that will counteract the severe side effects associated with many treatments. Those were also different times, and Degarth acknowledged that medical marijuana was not viewed in a favorable light by the Bush White House or law enforcement agencies.

“If what I’m doing can assist other people, and I wind up going down as a result, it was worth it,” he said. “It’s been an honor for me to be in a position of assisting people.”

– Will Sands

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