ituated on a sunny hillside just south of Durango lies the oldest no-kill dog shelter in the Four Corners, Annies Orphans. A sanctuary for homeless dogs of all kinds, Annies is much more than just a shelter. Working around the clock, a dedicated staff of volunteers ensures each and every resident receives special individualized care. Whether its a heated dog house when the weather gets nasty or daily time with a trainer in the play yard, those who call Annies home get the very best. But all visits at Annies are temporary. The end goal of Annies Orphans is to offer abused and hard-to-adopt dogs a safe haven until good adoptive homes can be found. For more information, visit

Volunteer Hailey Matney makes the morning dog food rounds. Peanut checks out the blue sky. Three legs, and livin the good life. Volunteer Diane Zumer gives a little love to Titus, the pup.