Ear to the ground

“Nice truck! (Sorry about your small penis)”

– A bumper sticker adorning one of Durango’s more economical vehicles

‘Drinking and Driving

in Colorado’

A guide for successfully drinking and driving in Colorado has found its way onto bookshelves. Craft beer lovers can now easily take their passion on the road thanks to an unusual new guidebook.Drinking and Driving in Colorado: A Guide to Colorado’s Brewpubs was recently published and highlights and profiles each of Colorado’s 77 brewpubs and sets the stage for the ultimate road trip.

The book describes the atmosphere of each brewpub, which beers were on tap during the authors’ visit and details each town or area. Just for good measure,Drinking and Driving in Coloradoincludes beer facts and fiction and quotes from some of history’s great barflies.

Drinking and Driving was penned by Lee and Kathy Hayward, two newly retired teachers. The two set off on their golden years with a pair of golden ales and towed their Fifth Wheel through the state.

Drinking and Driving is organized into regions and includes a map of all of Colorado’s brewpubs, and those with a few pints in the tank should have no trouble navigating the guide. The authors sampled nearly 500 beers during the “research” portion of their work and offer a beer by region index for those drinkers married to particular styles.

This book is now available at www.drinkingdrivingcolorado.com. Discounted electronic and CD-ROM versions are also available for those saving their pennies for the upcoming adventure.

The sound of silence

A favorite stop on the local airwaves will be taking a little breather next Tuesday. KDUR, located at 91.9 & 93.9 FM, will be off the air from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Nov. 24.

As renovations continue at Fort Lewis College, La Plata Electric will be working on the transformer that provides power to Mears Hall and Trailer Town, which currently houses KDUR, the Independent and the Environmental Center. As a result, KDUR will be without power all day on Nov. 24. Durangoans can tune back in at 5:01 p.m., though the work may be completed earlier in the day.

Amy Goodman junkies who can’t go without their “Democracy Now” fix are encouraged to go online that day and listen at www.democracynow.org.



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