Each morning, hours before the slightest hint of light, local bakers are hard at work. Members of one of Durangos nocturnal species, these men and women live a mysterious life, practicing their craft exclusively under the cover of darkness. In fact, the question, Who baked your bread today?, almost always goes unanswered. This week, theTelegraphprobes deep into the unknown world of midnight baking with a trip to the core of the Durango baking scene: Bread.

Mike Burr (left) carefully weighs fresh dough then executes a
sporty dough toss to Gilberto Uribe (right), who preps the dough
for baking. Bread bakery is already glowing with activity at 5: 15 a.m. as
the sun begins to crest the ridge. Who gets to lick the bowl? Freshly baked blueberry muffins await morning rush hour. Mark Davis and Chala Sterling load up the oven racks. Flour is spread with a swift and agile flick of the wrist.


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