Ear to the ground

“I wonder how many goats the Iron Horse organizers sacrificed last night.”

– A Durango rider commenting on the almost magical clearing of the weather for last Saturday’s race to Silverton

Made in the shade

A new Durango company is proving to be exceptionally shady. River Sombrero was founded with the goal of keeping rafters cool and dry, and the company is setting new standards for Bimini tops.

River Sombrero looked to a nearby landmark – Mexican Hat off the edge of the San Juan River – for inspiration. “Legend has it the rock was left by an ancient civilization of river runners who knew how to stay cool on the river,” said the River Sombrero Team.

Regardless of ancient wisdom, the company’s founders know that shade can be precious on a desert river trip and have been through their share of golf umbrellas, blue tarps and floppy hats. “We’ve seen all manner of jury-rigged umbrellas, tarps and shade contraptions,” said Team Sombrero. “None of them work very well. They get in the way, and can’t handle the light breezes common on the river. So we set off to find a better way.”

The River Sombrero offers more than 30-square feet of stable shade, which easily flips down when whitewater appears on the horizon. The cover includes oar frame mounts and attaches directly to decking or tubing. In addition, the company stands firmly behind the product. Headquartered off Camino del Rio, Team River Sombrero has conducted extensive field testing on the Animas and braved triple-digit temperatures on the San Juan and Green rivers.

More information can be found at www.riversombrero.com or by calling 903-7645.

The new ‘formula’

A mainstay of local stages has found “a new formula.” Formula 151, the local acoustic rock band with a devoted local following, is undergoing a series of “evolutions,” according to founder Dave Mensch.

“It’s time for a new Formula,” said Mensch. “With F-One-Five-One, we have a lot more edge to us, that’s for sure. I’m still using the acoustic base sound, but adding an electric amp behind me with distortion to overtake that acoustic sound during the high points of the choruses.”

The reborn band is a power-trio with Mike Kornelson on bass and new drummer Ben Simpson, though Mensch anticipates the familiar string performers will sit in from time to time. Local fans may have a harder time catching F151 in concert, however. Mensch said that the band will be spending most of its time on the road.

“While I love playing Durango and venues in the region – and I especially love all my fans who come out – it’s time,” he said. “Unfortunately that means folks here won’t be seeing as much of Formula 151, but when we’re home, I’ll do my best to perform some of my regular solo gigs.”




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