Spring flowers arent the only things sprouting up around Durango. Coming in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors, the species known asrideris skinnytireushas returned in full force to area highways and byways. Whether out for a leisurely spin with friends or logging some serious miles in the saddle, these brightly bedecked creatures can be found flocking to asphalt in an effort to clear out the cold weather cobwebs while waiting for local singletrack to dry. Hardier, long-distance varieties can be found on weekends pedaling the local passes in preparation for the annual migration to Silverton. And if you happen to be a motorist coming uponrideris skinnytireusin its natural habitat, please give a wide berth and pass with care. They can scare easily.

A lone male heads north out of town in search of pristine
blacktop. A blue blur takes flight. Two fine specimens take in the view. It is believed that some of the species mate for life and soon
even start to dress alike. Bright garments are just one way of drawing attention to
oneself, and ones sponsors.


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