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Out of the Ayurvedic loop

Dear Editors,

I would like to thank Mr. Marc Carrier for his letter to the editor regarding the dangers of careless manufacturing of herbs and supplements. As a practitioner of Ayurveda, I too, urge patients to check the sources and side effects of any supplements they may be taking, whether Ayurvedic, naturopathic or pharmaceutical. In addition, studies show that consuming ANY type of herb or drug over long periods of time can cause extensive liver damage, including hundreds of Western-medicine based drugs readily available in the worldwide market. 

Mr. Carrier, however, missed the whole point of Ayurveda. It is about balance, not herbs and supplements alone. According to the article by Shawna Bethell, Ayurveda emphasizes diet, digestion and the use of SUSTAINABLE foods and herbs. What Ayurveda teaches is that most of what we need for our health is found right here growing in our environment, according to our individual needs. I would suggest that Mr. Carrier read the article again, and when a piece about “products” appears in theDurango Telegraph, he can then re-submit his letter.

– Amita Nathwani, via e-mail

Standing up for the voiceless

Dear Editors,

As director of LifeGuard, I am writing in response to the cartoon drawn by Shan Wells regarding the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Shan has completely missed the purpose and core of our organization. He takes the predictable road of attacking “those damn Christians.” Shan jumped at the chance to ridicule us because we don’t agree with him, while simultaneously “preaching” tolerance, peace and love.

Well, Shan, where is your tolerance, peace and love?

You see, the way people change their minds is through recognizing truth and believing in it. But apparently Shan isn’t capable of entering into an adult-like dialogue and therefore will never change his mind or change someone else’s mind.LifeGuard stands up for the voiceless – the preborn. Abortion is legalized murder, and we are here to help end it. We condemn the murder of George Tiller just as we condemn the killing of innocent people through abortion. The two are equally heinous. Do we hate abortionists? No, we pray for them. We pray that all abortionists follow the example of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, abortionist turned pro-life activist.

Anyone who is even remotely Christian knows the saying, “hate the sin, not the sinner.”

LifeGuard condemns all murder because our core value recognizes all life as precious and deserving of respect and protection.

Oh and Shan, I think you got me wrong. I’m an energetic male in my 20s, not a “seventy-year-old grouchy woman.” As to Christ, I stand right alongside Him and proclaim truth in the face of adversity, without regret or worry.

– Jonathan Dixon, Executive Director, LifeGuard

Unnecessary grief and expense

To the Editors:

I am writing in regards to the local civil engineers dissatisfaction with Mike Meschke’s conduct as Director at San Juan Basin Health Dept (SJBHD). The engineers are not complaining because “they don’t want the health dept. looking over their shoulders” ... or that “they think they know best and don’t want anyone questioning their designs,” as suggested by Mr. Meschke’s boss, Lynn Westberg. They have functioned in their area of expertise in conjunction with the health dept. for a long time. They are complaining because Mr. Meschke is going way above his authorization to oversee design and prevent unhealthy conditions in the county. County Commissioner Riddle is merely responding to their concerns and certainly should not be receiving any heat for that.

Not only is he assuming he knows more than the professionals of this area and limiting their income potential, he is creating unnecessary expense and grief for homeowners. We had a personal experience regarding our septic system design process that is a perfect example of Mr. Meschke’s shenanigans. We also discovered that very few local engineers design septic systems anymore due to the hassle Mr. Meschke has created for them. Space limitations discourage detail in this letter, but suffice it to say we can see why.  As was suggested to us, we detailed our experience in a letter to the President of the Board of Directors of SJBHD, Mr. Bob Ledger.

I would bet there are LOTS of people who have been subjected to unnecessary hassles and added expense with design of their septic systems caused by Mr. Meschke’s tactics. I encourage all homeowners, contractors, business owners, etc., who have stories and complaints about Mr. Meschke’s conduct or their experience with SJBHD Environmental Department to write Mr. Bob Ledger, 2508 Borrego Dr., Durango, CO 81301. When an entire group of professionals complains about a government official, chances are there is good reason. The public should also have a chance to contribute to the illumination process.

– Thank you, Karen McCarroll, via e-mail

One for the memory file

To the Editors,

I realize that we are many months away from the next national election, but we need to keep an eye on our elected officials, because as citizens we only have two meaningful recourses to use when these people are up for reelection: our memories and our votes. Here’s something for the memory file: Recently 39 Republicans and 12 Democratic senators showed how the power of money buys influence in Washington, D.C. For a donation of $25,000 our newly appointed Sen.Michael Bennet voted with the big banks we just

bailed out with our hard-earned tax money. He helped kill a bill that would have allowed relief to homeowners who needed to have their mortgages re-written by bankruptcy judges to prevent foreclosure. To realize the advantage of people staying in their homes and stabilizing the neighborhood, just cruise through Phoenix or Las Vegas.

President Obama, when a candidate, understood how important such a bill was to middle class, working families, many of them first time homeowners. He pledged to stand with these homeowners on this very issue, but once he became president, he disappeared when this bill came to the floor of the Senate.

Remember who votes for the people when you vote. This is only one vote on one issue, but the drip … drip … drip of issues is mounting. Remember.

– Susan Troen, Durango

Stop the gas madness

Dear America,

Hasn’t it become crystal clear that the more we spend, the more “they” raise prices?  Take gasoline prices, for example. As we start to get on our feet again, maybe we found a low-paying job, maybe our lenders gave us a payment break, whatever, as we begin to spend JUST a little bit of our hard-earned money, gas prices go up. Gas companies bank on the hope that we will continue to spend, shop and travel. They will raise and lower their prices accordingly. So here we go again, into summer, and the price of gas is creeping up. The game continues. Well, America, I suggest we stay home. Have friends over for a change. Be with the ones you love, close by. Let those gasoline-making companies know that we will no longer be their pawns. Stand up to the drilling companies who, under current rules, can drill a well 450 feet from your house, or on any lot 10 acres or less! I say “no” to that. Laws are changed all the time. Why not change the law that says these energy giants can own minerals under your land, or any land? They do not have the right to come into a community of land and people and degrade the land to gain their profits. One only need look at any Third World country where Exxon or Texaco have drilled. They have literally destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives and ecospheres in the pursuit of “their” resources. I believe La Plata County is like a sitting duck for a major disaster. I know the gas companies have a pretty good record of not blowing people up, but it only takes one major disaster to be devastating. I say no to the continual gas-consuming mind set. People, we have the power to stop this madness. We have to stop funding this perpetual war against nature (and that includes human nature.) America, stop shopping for good! Let’s share, instead!

– Heather Snow, Durango


Walking with Walt on Cooper Street

In the old crow of my sorrow,

I sing my mother’s moon.

In the persimmon dream of regret,

I sing the hope of good will.

In the beckoning of the sun’s tongue,

I sing the hues of flowered love.

In the presence of forlorn creatures,

I whimper their shiver.

In the air of ghostly clouds,

I sing Orion’s sheath.

In the wet grasses of time,

I sing the anthem of spring.

Near the serpentine precipice,

I sing the will of flight.


In between the crimson bible-line,

I sing the wish of wreathed wisdom.

– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio

Turning out for the Dolores

To the Editors:

Greater Dolores Action, the organizers of the Dolores River Festival, would like to thank the community for a great turn out for the 2009 Dolores River Festival. Nearly 2,000 people filled Joe Rowell Park for a full day of live music, river activities, children’s activities, eating, drinking and general merriment. We would also really like to thank the nearly 100 volunteers that helped from Thursday thru Sunday with festival set-up, admissions, vendors, music, activities, trash and recycling, parking, clean-up and more. We are especially grateful for the support of our sponsors including the City of Cortez, Dolores Water Conservancy District, KSJD, Osprey and Verde PR. Thanks, too, to the Town of Dolores and to all the local businesses that play a role in hosting the event. We look forward to presenting the festival again in 2010 and using a portion of the proceeds to implement river enhancement and conservation projects. For more information about these projects please visit www.doloresriverfestival.com.

– Sincerely, Shaine Gans, Festival Director




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