Starry Nights

Without a doubt, the Four Corners region boasts the darkest of skies. With little or no light pollution tainting our cosmos, stargazing is about as effortless as it gets. On a clear night, the Milky Way is visible from horizon to horizon, a spectacle seen in only a few select places in the country. June is a great month to catch four out of the five planets visible to the unaided eye. Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury all congregate in the morning sky, a sight not to be missed!

The North Star seen above Lookout Peak, near Ophir Pass. Boulders, juniper trees and streaking stars stand out west of
Durango. A campfire illuminates a cottonwood. Orion is visible to the
right of the tree. The Milky Way frames the branches of a cottonwood. The Milky Way and a cottonwood glow together in this 4.5 hour
time lapse exposure.


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