Ear to the


Woman #1- “I haven’t been on Facebook since that dildo incident.”

Woman #2 - “Shhh, someone might hear you.”

Woman #3 - “Don’t worry. I heard it, and it is going straight to the Telegraph.”

– Overheard on a sunny Main Avenue afternoon

Sound opinions

Durango went out over the national airwaves last Saturday. Chicago Public Radio’s “Sound Opinions,” the “world’s only rock ’n’ roll talk show” opened with a big segment on tunes in the local burg.

“Sound Opinions” is hosted by two nationally respected rock critics and includes the latest music news along with exclusive interviews and performances. Since KSUT is a new affiliate for the program, Saturday’s show was partly a shout out to Durango and Ignacio. The show opened with an interview with Robert Stapleton, owner of the local record store Southwest Sound.

Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, the show’s hosts, noted that the record store industry has seen better days and asked Stapleton, who worked with Tower Records for six years, about business in Durango.

“I’ve been asked by many people, including Jay Leno at a live show, ‘What the heck are you doing?’” Stapleton said. “But it’s something I love.”

Southwest Sound’s owner did give credit to the community for rallying around the store during tough economic times. “Business has been slow, but I think it has to do with the economy and climate now,” he said. “You can’t eat a CD or put it in your gas tank. But the community’s really supportive.”

Stapleton then shared Durango’s “very eclectic” local music scene with national listeners, noting that some of his favorite local acts include Gigi Love, the Brown Brothers and the band In a Day, who Stapleton described as “Rush meets Coldplay.” The Durango segment then closed with some play time for In a Day’s “Stranger Girl” off The Motion Picture EP, which can be found on the shelves at Southwest Sound.

New digs

TheDurango Telegraph is moving on to greener pastures this week. As you read this, your favorite (and only) weekly newspaper now calls Studio #25 in the Smiley Building home.

TheTelegraph’s world headquarters have looked down on Rio Grande Land in the 500 block of Main Avenue for nearly seven years. However, we received notice Jan. 1 that a tenant with deeper pockets was interested in our little shoebox in the sky.

And so, fans, foes and classified advertisers can now find us in the Smiley’s lucky number 25 (that’s on the second floor and down the hall). Shut-ins can still locate us at 259-0133 or in cyberville at www.durangotelegraph.com.




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