Durango Telegraph - Colorado's 'green collar' future
Colorado's 'green collar' future

There appears to be a green lining to Colorado’s current economic situation. The American Solar Energy Society recently released a report that documents $10 billion and 91,000 new jobs in 2007, all as a result of the state’s “new energy economy.” The report goes on to note that Colorado could boast 613,000 “green” collar jobs by 2030.

“This report is further proof that the sun is shining on green jobs in Colorado and across the country,” said Keith Hay, energy advocate at Environment Colorado. “We need to repower America and reboot our economy on a sound foundation of clean energy.”

Sectors leading the new energy economy include wind, solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, fuel cells, biofuel, research and developments, recycling, energy efficiency and green building. Interestingly, the report found that there are currently 70 percent more green jobs than oil and gas jobs in Colorado.

However, Republicans in the Colorado Senate disputed the report’s findings. Assistant Republican leader Greg Brophy commented that it “doesn’t pass the laugh test,” alleging that the numbers had been inflated. “I’m really happy that the green-energy industry is growing in Colorado,” he said. “I just think we ought to tell the truth about the size of it.”

– Will Sands

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