Since the beginning of mankind, we have used song and dance to bring us together. The International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace hopes to do just that with the simple combination of music, lyrics and movement that can done by anyone, regardless of age, gender or creed. A lesson in simplicity, the dances include themes of peace, healing and the celebration of lifes great mystery. TheTelegraphcaught up with the group at their bi-weekly gathering and found out just how good these dances make you feel.

Kai Brabeck, 9, joins in one of the dozen or so dances the group
performed on Saturday. Dances are structured around a central group of musicians and a
song leader, with the group dancing in a large circle around them.
Here, dancers of all ages take part in a dance on Saturday night at
St. Marks Church. The circle of dancers revolve around the musicians, hand in
hand. One of the simple movements included in the dances are the bow,
meant to convey love and respect to others in the group.