Canyon of the Ancients: Located just west of Cortez is a vast network of intricate canyons. Amongst the juniper and sandstone of this remote country you will discover abundant traces of an ancient culture. Colorful ruins and artifacts once utilized by the Anasazi people seem to overflow from the earth. One must tread lightly to access this special place. For those willing to explore, an unforgettable experience awaits with little more than a daypack...and dont forget to bring your camera!

A massive grotto provides shelter and security for many of the
buildings in Sand Canyon. Pottery shards and broken arrow points are common finds in the
Canyons of the Ancients. Alcoves, like this one, are great places to discover dwellings,
graineries, and storage structures. A detailed view of the intricate stonework utilized by the
Puebloan culture. Ancestral Puebloans built this barrier directly into the cliff