Rescue Squad

The expansive mountain countryside surrounding Durango is a paradise for recreation. Biking, climbing, skiing, four-wheeling...the list goes on. On the unlucky occasion, fun in the hills can head south in a matter of moments. Fortunately for us, one of the most experienced units in the Rockies is on call. The Durango Fire Technical Rescue Team responds to a variety of rescue situations involving ropework. From low-angle road embankments to challenging technical rescues high in the mountains, a dedicated crew has got our back. Last Monday, theTelegraphcaught up with the team at X-rock for a morning of ropes training.

Leo Lloyd debfiefs the group after the training session. Sean Schmida handles a safety line as another rappels below. Technical Rescue instructor Leo Lloyd ascends a fixed line using
prusik knots. This simple hitch-style knot tightens and grabs onto
the main line when weighted. Leo Lloyd, Dan Steaves, Skip Favreau and Beau Mattison get the
day started. Great views at X-rock, as the Animas Valley begins turning


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