Monday! Monday! Monday! Dove Ranch Speedway presented the dukes of the Soap Box Derby! The barons of bash! The kings of crash! The most rock-em-sock-em, in-your-face, downhill drift since the same race last year! Watch as the fearless drivers risk life and limb for glory! And if you live in Dove Ranch, youll pay for the whole house, but youll only need the lawn!

Anthony Chamblee gains momentum as he heads into the first turn.
The aptly named Dove Ranch Speedway cuts literally right down the
middle of the Dove Ranch Subdivision off of CR 501. Wade emphasizes the importance of helmets. Joey Sandry zips by one of the many groups of spectators
watching the action from the comfort of their yards. Vayle Townsend gets in the zone before his heat. Racers position their cars at the starting line of the 3000-foot
descent. A group of admirers watch Nate Carlson fly through the finish
line at nearly 30 m.p.h.


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