Powder fever has officially arrived, and just in time. Even as our economic system teeters on the rim of the proverbial precipice, people everywhere are itching to drop some cash on that last piece of gear to make their winters complete. After all, a total system collapse would lead to unlimited days on the slopes, correct? No jobs? Nothing new to a ski bum. No food? Eh, theyll still deliver beer, right? Martial law? Who needs rights...it just dumped 2 feet overnight! So get out and buy some gear, while the dollar is still worth something.

Autumn leaves frame the first sale of the season for skis,
snowboards, boots and bindings in the Centinniel Center parking lot
on Saturday. Jim Kastl, of Cortez, peruses skis in order to prepare for what
he hopes is a winter just like the last. Snickerdoodles hams it up with a customer while trying to make a
goggle sale for Bubbas Boards. A line of boots stand on display for snow-hungry shoppers. A few earlybirds arrive on the scene in hopes of finding some
great bargains on gear. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


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